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Latest and Exciting PDTI News

Practical Instructors Course
Saturday 25th July - Saturday 1st August 2015
... all about dogs and teaching people, good food, new friends
and really worthwhile awards! ... more

Specialist Workshops in August
... another opportunity to participate in our well-received workshops:
Sunday 9th: Treibball & Agility Instructor training
Monday 10th: two-day teaching Puppy Sessions
Wednesday 12th: managing training and behaviour problems in class
Thursday 13th: two-day challenging your dogs potential (part 2)
Saturday 15th: two-day challenging your dogs potential (part 1)

Pet Dog Training Instructors (PDTI) was founded in October 2005, as a not-for-profit organisation, with the aim of providing practical and assessment opportunities for Instructors and Advisors who provide (and training for those wishing to provide) companion training services for pet dog owning families.  

2010 saw the PDTI formally register as a company, limited by guarantee, promoting education further and supporting continued professional development



These popular residential courses are run annually for both experienced and new Instructors and Advisors. New and prospective Instructors (with a love of dogs and a desire to help people) are able to gain practical teaching experience in a safe and friendly learning environment, whilst the more experienced are able to gain assessment awards to reflect the higher levels of their practical instructing expertise.  more...


A separate and optional theory programme was launched in 2010, aligning to the practical awards.
Starting with Level 1 'Responsible
Dog Care' through to Level 5
'Canine Training & Behavioural Management'. We worked in partnership with Harper Adams University (2010 - 2014) and we would like to congratulate the 14 Advanced Members who graduated on gaining the Level 5 Diploma and also to the 26 who gained their Level 4 certificate in Canine Behaviour & Training 

For more information, please see also 
Overview of Courses. In addition, all PDTI courses provide evidence for, and support the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI)  more...


According to national meetings held over the last few years between the various canine industry, professional, veterinary and charity organisations, formal qualifications and professional memberships are suggested as a likely requirement for all Instructors and Advisors in the not too distant future.  

The PDTI now provides graded membership, learning opportunities and assessment awards to meet the expected standards for any future registration.  more...